Twins – social relationships

It is important that twins’ parents will create murmur interaction – communication with each twin separately, allowing each twin to develop normally in the stages of language acquisition.

Normal development of the language is critical to the Independence ability of each twin, his adaptive capacity, development of his individuality and his social development. Relationships between young children, based more and more on communication ability and understanding the others through language.

Life in nursery school or kindergarten, provide to the twin an opportunity to develop separate socialize coordinations presence his twin brother – an experience that may contribute to the separateness and individuality of each of them.

Twins – the evolution of language

The child acquires the language of his parents, while constant interaction exists between the older the baby, the older

Infant and adult child. Adult, through dialogue, giving the baby murmurs meaning of words.

Infant’s exposure to the older text, along with brain maturation, allows the infant to gradually expand the

One word to a sequence of words and the construction of meaningful sentences.

Twins are less exposed to associate more with the parent and their mutual murmur. Mutual murmur of twins,

Is the development of internal language – twin – gibberish language.

Parent, admiring the beauty of this linguistic connection and communication ability between the two and avoids interfering and repair

Gibberish language. This tendency creates a parent of twins unknowingly saved my lips.


Twins – empathy, cooperation and mutual assistance

Expressions of empathy twin to twin discovered in early life together of twins and are based

on the deep connection that was recorded in each of them from the beginning their lives together in the womb.

From very early in their lives, you can see twin gives a pacifier to his crying twin , stroking his face and approaches him to calm him down or give him a comforting toy.

Often, the twins are taking active actions of mutual assistance and cooperation between them.


Twins – Memories from the Womb

Every baby “brings” with him after his birth, memories from the womb with feelings and characteristics of the mother figure and her womb.

To the memories from the womb of twins, are also added sensory memories of one another’s presence, including different interactions that brought them together during pregnancy.

Each twin has an existing prior knowledge of the existence of the other constant –

This is a formative experience in the lives of twins. From this moment, they seek each other for relaxation, security and a return to familiar.